Electrical Supervisor

Electrical Installations and works has been done in the supervision of approved supervisor. Supervisor license issued by the state government  and signed by the Electrical Inspector. Supervisor license issued to the person having valid Diploma or Degree in Electrical Engineering. Every state have their own set of procedure to give supervisor license to the Electrical Engineers.

Electrical supervisors are electrical contractors who oversee the work done by electricians on a job site. They are responsible for ensuring that all safety and compliance standards are met and to provide technical assistance when necessary.

Electrical supervisor certificate, allows you to supervise, the electrical installation work of all classes of voltage level except mining installation. Initially, the board allows the certificate upto age of 65 years.


All State issued their own supervisor license to obtain Electrical Installation work. Similarly Delhi Government also issued Supervisor license for supervisor of installation work. Delhi Supervisor license have life time validity ( age of 65 years ).


Following are the documents required


1.    In Case of Diploma Holder , Department required 3 Years’ Experience Certificate. No Experience is required in case of Degree in Electrical Engineering.

2.    Diploma or Degree University should be AICTE Approved.

3.    Pancard and Aadhaar Card

4.    He/she should be a resident of Delhi only.

5.    Photograph.

6.    Annexures / Undertaking.

Process of registration will take 7-15 days as per the availability of concerned officer.

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