Exhibition Subsidy

Exhibition subsidy also known as marketing assistance. This scheme promote the weaker section entrepreneur , who are not eligible or able to arrange funds for the promotion of their product and services. Promotion is the back bone of any company. No company or product sales without any proper promotion activity.



Marketing, a strategic tool for business development, is critical for the growth and survival of MSMEs. Due to the lack of information, scarcity of resources and unorganized ways of selling / marketing, MSME sector often faces problems in exploring new markets and retaining the existing ones. Keeping in view these facts, the Procurement and Marketing support Scheme has been introduced to enhance the marketability of products and services in the MSME sector.


The scheme aims at the following:

  1. Promoting new market access initiatives like organising / participation in National /.International Trade Fairs / Exhibitions I MSME Expo etc.
  2. To create awareness and educate the MSMEs about importance / methods / process of packaging in marketing, latest packaging technology, import-export policy and procedure, GeM portal, MSME Conclave, latest developments in international / national trade and other subjects I topics relevant for market access developments.
  3. To create more awareness about trade fairs, bar code, digital advertising, e-marketing, GST, GeM portal, public procurement policy and other related topics etc.


  1. Participation of individual MSEs in domestic trade fairs / exhibitions across the country.
  2. Organizing/Participation in trade fairs/ exhibitions by the Ministry/ Office of DC (MSME)/ Government Organizations.
  3. Vendor Development Program (VDP).
  4. International/National Workshops/Seminars
  5. Awareness Programs.


Manufacturing I Service sector MSEs registered at Udyog Aadhar Memorandum (UAM) Portal.


  1. DC MSME through its field organisations namely MSME Development institutes and Technology centres.
  2. Other field organisations of M/o MSME namely NSIC, KVIC, Coir board.
  3. State governments through its departments/organisations/corporations/autonomous bodies and agencies.
  4. Other Central Govt ministries through its departments/ organisations/ corporations/ autonomous bodies and agencies.


The unit will apply to the Office of DC (MSME)/ M/o MSME directly or through Implementing agency online (or system in place), well in advance (preferably one month) prior to the commencement of trade fairs/ exhibitions. After due scrutiny, the programme division will submit the proposal to the Empowered Committee for the final approval.





  1. Bank Tie-up.


National small industries Limited ( NSIC ) tie-up professional MOU with various banks. NSIC Support MSE which are not able to facilitate with the bank for their financial arrangement. NSIC comes in the picture and support MSE’s to present their case to the MOU singed banks and financial institute.


To meet the credit requirements of MSME units, NSIC has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with various Nationalized and Private Sector Banks. Through syndication with these banks, NSIC facilitates MSME in accessing credit support (fund based or non-fund based limits) from the banks. NSIC assists MSMEs in completion of the documentation for submitting the proposals to the banks and also does the follow up with the banks. These handholding support are provided by NSIC without any cost to the MSMEs.











Following are the salient features of above said scheme


  1. Facilitates credit to MSMEs by having an integrated mix of various public and private sector banks.


  1. Provides an option for MSMEs to apply for a new bank or switch over of an account to a different bank .


  1. c) Helps the MSMEs in completing documentation and thereafter submitting it to the bank.


  1. To facilitate larger number of MSMEs who are desirous of availing credit.


e) To provide handholding support to MSMEs


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