MES License

Fisco Rating Agency Private Limited is one the leading consultant who deals in exclusively various MES Contractors. We already given services to more than 400 MES Contractors. Our Company deals in giving enlistment consultancy for MES Registration. Fisco Rating Agency Private Limited also deals in Firm purchase for MES Enlistment.


We have already issued several MES Registration to our various customer in various classes .There are various categories in MES Enlistment, Contractor may registered for one category or Class. There are more than 6 Category which start from E and goes up to SS category. The Contractor required Experience / Completion Certificates, Working Capital Details, List of Engineers, Bank Solvency, Turnover Certificate, Fixed Assets etc for enlistment in MES as Contractor. The Contractors shall also meet the requirement of minimum T & P/Machinery and Transport for fresh enlistment/upgradation in various categories corresponding to their classes


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