MES Registration

Fresh enlistment in MES opened from time to time as per separate notification by the E.-in-C's Branch. However in respect of certain remote and difficult areas, enlistment may be done at any time after satisfactory completion of work(s) by the contractor in MES in such areas with prior permission of E-in-C's Branch in respect of D to S Class and CE Command in respect of E Class.


Applications received for enlistment in MES from the contractors during ban period shall be returned advising them that presently enlistment is banned and they will be informed, whenever enlistment is open, to apply at that time. However they will be sent the criteria for enlistment in MES, to comply with. Record of such contractors and provisionally enlisted contractors shall be maintained in a separate register in each office of enlisting authorities and these contractors will be informed to apply whenever enlistment is open.


Following are the Categories of Works to registered as a Contractor



Contractors will be enlisted for one or more of the following categories of works for which they are considered suitable :


For Civil Engineering Works

§  Building and Roads

§  Water Supply and Sewage Disposal

§  Runways and Pavements

§  Marine and Harbour Works





For Electrical Works


§  Low Tension Electric Works (upto 1100 Volts)

§  High Tension Electric Works (excluding 33 KV)

§  33 KV and Extra High Voltage Installations



For Electrical/Mechanical Engineering services

§  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

§  Lifts

§  Electrically Operated Cranes

§  Incinerators

§  Mechanical Laundry

§  Fire Fighting and Fire Detection System

§  Water and Effluent Treatment


For Other Miscellaneous Services



§  Manufacture of Furniture

§  Handling of Engineer Stores and Transport

§  Horticulture and Landscaping

§  Information Technology Services

§  Maintenance and Operation of E/M Installation

§  Repair of Transport Vehicles

§  Energy Audit Services

§  Auction Services




There are various categories in MES Enlistment, Contractor may registered for one category or Class. There are more than 6 Category which start from E and goes up to SS category. The Contractor required Experience / Completion Certificates, Working Capital Details, List of Engineers, Bank Solvency, Turnover Certificate, Fixed Assets etc for enlistment in MES as Contractor. The Contractors shall also meet the requirement of minimum T & P/Machinery and Transport for fresh enlistment/upgradation in various categories corresponding to their classes.

Following are the basic points to know before applying  for enlistment.

·         “SS” Category Registration only issued to private limited Companies not to proprietorship.

·         The categories for enlistment shall be decided on the basis of nature of works executed by Contractor and T&P/machinery possessed by him .

·         For enlistment in category (b) Electrical Engineering Works, one of the engineers employed by the Contractor should be degree/diploma holder in electrical engineering with requisite experience and for enlistment in category (b) (ii) and (iii), the Contractor should also employ persons having valid electrical licence from competent authority on their permanent establishment ( Two persons for class 'SS' and one person for class 'S' to 'E' ). For this, he will submit requisite affidavits and attested copies of Licences.

·         Working capital with the Contractor shall be judged from balance sheet/bank's certificate as per Appendix 1.2/bank statement for last 6 months/overdraft facility from bank/fixed deposit receipts with banks.

·         Immovable/movable property (minimum reserve) shall be exclusively in the name of Contractor and not in the name of family members/relatives/others. In case of limited companies immovable/movable property (considered for minimum reserve) shall be exclusively in the name of company and should be reflected in the Balance Sheet of the Company.

·         Requirement of Engineering establishment shall not be insisted upon if enlistment to be done for the following categories only , miscellaneous services like Manufacturing of furniture, Handling of Engineer stores and transport, Horticulture and landscaping, Energy Audit Services, Auction Services.


Following are the basic documents required for enlistment in MES


1.      Application form.

2.      Affidavit for the constitution of the firm.

3.      List of work executed in last 5 years.

4.      Annual Turnover Certification from professional chartered Accountant and TDS Certificate for the Eligible work category.

5.      Balance sheet for the last 3 years.

6.      Affidavit for immovable properties indicating present market value.

7.      Valuation report from Registered (with any Government body) valuer for immovable property clearly indicating ownership details. Alternatively the Contractor may submit certificate from the Deputy Commissioner/ Collector/First Class Magistrate or assessment of wealth tax authorities

8.      Affidavit for movable property (T &P. machinery, transport etc.) : If certain, movable property is being considered towards requirements of minimum reserve, endorsements as required for immovable property shall also be given on affidavit for movable property and valuation report from Registered (with any Government body) valuer for movable property clearly indicating ownership details shall also be submitted.

9.      Solvency certificate from the scheduled bank.

10.   Working capital certificate from the scheduled Bank

11.  Affidavit from contractor for employment of Engineers

12.  Affidavit from Engineers for employment with the Contractor.

13.  Experience and Degree/Diploma certificates of Engineers

14.  Affidavit from Contractor that there is no Government dues/recovery outstanding against him. (If there is any Government dues/recovery outstanding from the Contractor, enlistment/upgradation shall not be done

15.  Affidavit from Contractor that he is not involved in any arbitration/litigation cases. If he is involved, he will give brief details of such cases on affidavit and enlisting authority will critically examine such details and if contractor is considered habitual litigant, his enlistment/ upgradation shall not be done.

16.  Two photographs of proprietor/partners/directors of firm for verification of character and antecedents from the police authorities

17.  Copy of partnership deed in case of partnership firm

18.  Memorandum and Articles of Association in case of Limited Companies

19.  Copy of Registration Certificate of firm/company with Registrar of Companies

20.  Affidavit that no near relative(s) of the contractor or their employees/agents is/are working as Gazetted/ Commissioned Officer in MES/Corps of Engineers/ Ministry of Defence. If his/their near relative(s) is/are working in such capacity, he/they shall furnish details. The contractor shall not be entitled to tender for the works in entire area of CE Zone/Project under whose control his/their near relatives are working as Gazetted/ Commissioned Officers

21.  Affidavit that no near relative(s) of the contractor is/are working as Junior Engineer in MES/Corps of Engineers. If his near relative (s) is/are working in such capacity, the contractor shall furnish details. The contractor shall not be entitled to tender for the works in entire area of GE (I)/GE in which his near relative(s) is/are working as Junior Engineer.

22.  Copy of power of attorney given to any person/partner/ director by the Contractor.

23.  Copy of last income tax return.

24.  A separate sheet containing specimen signatures (signed in black ink) and affixed with photographs of proprietor/ partners/directors. (To be used as Appendix B of enlistment letter)


Note *

All Above documents should be signed by Directors or authorised person as per BOR.

All the affidavits shall be given on non-judicial stamp paper of appropriate value duly signed by the contractor and attested by the Magistrate/ Notary Public.

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