OD Limit and CC Limit Consultant

An overdraft facility provided by the bank allows you to withdraw more money than what is available in your account, up to a particular approved limit. It is like a short-term credit agreement between you and your bank. Fisco Rating having tie-up with various Nationalised and Private Banks, to provide Working Capital limits ( OD & BG) to the clients in very professional and appreciate manner.


Features of Overdraft Facility

·         An overdraft facility in bank accounts is like a pre-approved loan. The bank ascertains a specific limit up to which you can overdraw on your account balance. You can withdraw that amount as and when required.

·         The approved limit and the overdraft facility interest rate are determined depending on your typical account balance, financial stability, nature of the collateral, etc.

·         The bank charges interest only on the amount used by you and only for the time it is borrowed. It is calculated daily and billed to you every month.

·         While the overdraft facility interest rate is predetermined, it may increase if you default on paying back the amount due.

·         You can pay back the amount as and when you have the funds, as a lump sum or in part-payment, and there is no prepayment penalty or EMI concept like in loans.

·         While there is no minimum monthly repayment, you should pay it back when you have the money because it does affect your credit score.



Fisco Rating having clientele of more than 10,000 Customer of EPC Construction line, SME’s and traders. Fisco has completed disbursed an amount of Rs. 900 Cr upto March -2021. Our Main focus is on Government Contractors and SME’s Sector to provide credit line.

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