PSARA Registration

PSARA Stand for Private Security Agency Regulation Act, All Companies which deals in providing manpower services related to Armed or Unnarmed Security guards need to get the PSARA Registration before indulge in any commercial activity. Bidding in Government tender to supply security guards company need PSARA Registration.


Fisco Rating Agency private successfully and efficiently delivered various PSARA License. We took up the case along with the documents and details and proceed with the department on the behalf of our customers.


Procedure to get PSARA Registration 


  • Agency while making an application in Form I to the Controlling Authority for the grant of licence shall also enclose the Form II for verification of his antecedents


  • If the applicant is a company, a firm or an association of persons, the application in Form I shall be accompanied by Form II for every proprietor or majority shareholder, partner or director of the company, as if they were also the applicants. In addition, he shall submit an Affidavit in Form III incorporating the details in relation to the provisions contained in sub-section


  • On receipt of Form I, Form II, Form III, the Controlling Authority shall make such inquiries, as it considers necessary to verify the contents of the application and the particulars of the applicant


  • The Controlling Authority shall utilise electronic databases of crime and criminals like the Crime and Criminal Tracking Networks and Systems (CCTNS), Interoperable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) for the purpose of verification of antecedents of the applicant


  • Wherever any applicant’s antecedents have been verified in any other State earlier and licence is granted, it shall not be necessary for the Controlling Authority to verify the antecedents afresh provided that the licence for which antecedents are verified is under period of validity


  • Form I shall be accompanied by a demand draft or banker’s cheque or electronic evidence showing the payment of fees as prescribed under sub-section (3) of section 7 of the Act, payable to the Controlling Authority of the State concerned where the application is being made


  • The application referred to in sub-rule (1) shall be either personally delivered to the Controlling Authority or sent to him by registered post or through electronic means


  • On receipt of the application referred to in sub-rule (1), the Controlling Authority shall after noting there on the date of receipt by him of the application, grant an electronic or digital acknowledgement to the applicant.


  • The Controlling Authority, after receiving an application in Form I shall grant a licence to the private security agency in Form IV after making such enquiry as it considers necessary , and after compliance with the provisions of the Act



  • The Controlling Authority either by itself or through its officer or any other means shall verify the premises of the private security agency at the address or addresses provided by the agency


  • The Controlling Authority shall cause a physical copy of the licence to be delivered by post within fifteen days of issue to the principal office of the private security agency in the State concerned as mentioned in the application for grant of licence which the private security agency shall be bound to display at its place of business


  • In case of rejection of the application for grant of licence, no order of refusal shall be made unless,-

                           (a) the applicant has been given a reasonable opportunity of being heard; and

                           (b) the grounds on which licence is refused is mentioned in the order.


  • The Controlling Authority shall pass an order on Form I within sixty days from the date of receipt of it complete in all respects.


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