DRDO Enlistment

Any Indian Individual, Sole Proprietorship Firm, Partnership Firm, Public Limited company, or a Private Limited Company may apply for enlistment as a contactor in DCW&E, DRDO under these guidelines provided the eligibility criteria and other conditions are satisfied. The enlisted contactors have to abide by all the guidelines made herein and as amended from time to time, during the currency of their enlistment.


Enlistment of Contractors is done so as to have a ready list of suitable and competent contractors for DCW&E, DRDO works so that the time required for verification of credentials of the contractors, at the time of invitation of tenders for individual works, is minimized. DCW&E, DRDO enlists contractors who intend to carry out works for DCW&E, DRDO. At the same time only those contractors who remain active and perform well will be permitted to submit tenders. Inclusion of a contractor in the appropriate category does not entitle the contactor to submit the tenders. Contractors are liable to be removed from approved list, if found to be inactive and or whose performance in quality and time is not up to the expectations of DCW&E, DRDO or does any malpractice.


Fisco Rating Agency Private Limited provide Professional Consultancy to provide DRDO enlistment for both strategic and non-Strategic Enlistment. DRDO is one of the most reputed department of Government of India. Where technical and quality evaluation is more on priority for the department. DRDO Construction works are highly confidential. DRDO enlistment open for the limited period and it should be start after the notification given by the department for fresh enlistment.


Contractor may be in regular touch with professional of Fisco Rating Agency private limited for DRDO Enlistment. When registration are open our team will contact you for the process of the application.

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