Factory License

Premises engaged in “manufacturing process” employing 10 or more workers with the aid of power or, 20 or more workers without the aid of power will constitute a factory and required a Factory License from the Concerned Department of the state Government. Running a factory without registration and grant of licence is a punishable offence (One Lakh fine or Two Years imprisonment or both as per section 92 of the Factories Act, 1948).


A person who runs a factory either in owned or rented premises shall be the “Occupier” and requires to obtain factory licence. Factories cannot run in non-conforming/residential areas of Delhi as per the directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court.


Labour License is issued by state Government Department and All State Government Department have their own set of documents required and process.


The following documents are required to be uploaded from Labour Department of Delhi


ID proof of Occupier and Manager.


List of Partners/Directors with their residential address.


NOC from other partners or Board Resolution by Directors for nomination of occupier as per

sections 2(n) and 7 of the Factories Act, 1948.


Proof/supporting documents of Occupier as Director/ Partner/ Proprietor of the factory.


Existing building plan in PDF format as per Rule 3A of the Delhi Factories Rules, 1950.


Latest electricity bill as a proof of sanctioned load of electricity.


Proof of occupancy (copy of rent agreement/ownership proof i.e. conveyance deed).


Flow chart of manufacturing process.


List of raw materials used in manufacturing process.


List of machineries installed in the premises.


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